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POC Pigtail Balun Supports 8MP & Power Over Coax

Model Number: Categories: CCTV-OLD

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This PoC Balun allows for Power over Coax cameras to be ran via CAT5e / CAT6 ethernet (one twist) thus saving the cost and labour of running extra coax cable where ethernet is pre-existing or is required!

2x BNC Male to UTP CAT5e / CAT6 baluns included – both required for one camera.


• Supports up to 8MP cameras

• Carries both data and power

• Uses one twisted UTP pair

• Simple slide to clip together multiple baluns


* Ideal for use with the -POC range of Dahua CVI cameras!


Input Power Distance Output Voltage Output Current Load Capacity


DC48V 500mA

10M 47.45V 200mA 9.49W
30M 46.81V 200mA 9.36W
50M 45.57V 200mA 9.1W
100M 44.33V 200mA 8.87W
150M 41.81V 200mA 8.36W
Peak Current > 450mA and Peak Power >10W


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