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Visonic PG2 PowerMaster MC-312 External Wireless Door Contact

Model Number: 0-103782Categories: Visonic

The PowerMaster is Visonic’s new line of wireless intruder alarm systems based on PowerG wireless technology.  PowerG PG2 redefines the wireless security market with a combination of reliability, performance and an advanced feature set.

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PowerG PG2 combines several field-proven, advanced wireless technologies, like those used in cellular networks and Bluetooth, with the highly reliable AES encryption method.  The greatest innovation in PowerG is having these technologies operate on non-rechargeable batteries while still keeping all devices connected and online. Advanced signal jamming prevention with frequency hopping technology, this allows the system to identify interruptions in frequency and automatically adjusts to continue reliable communication.

PowerMaster has placed itself as the market leading range of wireless alarm systems.  2 way communication between devices makes installation simple and increases battery life massively.  Along with advanced transmission range, PowerG PG2 devices can reach a range of up to 1.9 kilometers (line of sight).

MC-312 PG2 is a wireless outdoor magnetic contact with auxiliary input that powerfully extends security across multiple properties, with exceptional outdoor detection for any window, gate, or door. A robust device designed for both residential and high-volume commercial use, it ensures superb performance over many years, with a long-lasting battery and reliable operation in severe weather conditions.

It is the only outdoor magnetic contact with a two-way communication protocol, ensuring a highly reliable, advanced security. Back and front tamper-proofing and upcoming anti-obstruction capabilities not yet seen in the market add an extra layer of protection to the device.  Unique in its class, the PowerG Wireless Magnetic Contact with Auxiliary Input is exceptionally easy to install due to its wide gap tolerance and flexible placement allowed by an extra-long transmission range.

MC-312 PG2 is based on Visonic’s ground-breaking PowerG technology which combines several field-proven advanced technologies and the highly reliable AES encryption method. The combination of technologies delivers an extended transmission range and battery life, and unmatched advantages for professional installers, central monitoring stations and end-users alike.


  • Long-lasting, all-weather outdoor protection
  • Built-in PowerG wireless intrusion technology with two-way communication
  • Extra-long transmission range
  • Operates dependably in extreme temperatures and environmental conditions
  • Reduced false alarms and simple installation, due to a wide gap tolerance
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Long-battery life (5 years with typical use)
  • Paintable exterior casing can be matched to any surface
  • Compatible with PowerMaster alarm systems
  • Compatible with PowerMaster security systems and PowerG receivers


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